Property Verification for Generic Access Control Models

Published: December 20, 2008


Chung Tong Hu, David R. Kuhn, Tao Xie


To formally and precisely capture the security properties that access control should adhere to, access control models are usually written to bridge the rather wide gap in abstraction between policies and mechanisms. In this paper, we propose a new general approach for property verification for access control models. The approach defines a standardized structure for access control models, providing for both property verification and automated generation of test cases. The approach expresses access control models in the specification language of a model checker and expresses generic access control properties in the property language. Then the approach uses the model checker to verify these properties for the access control models and generates test cases via combinatorial covering array for the system implementations of the models.
Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC 2008)
Volume: 2
Conference Dates: December 17-20, 2008
Conference Location: Shanghai, -1
Conference Title: 2008 IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Trust, Security, and Privacy for Pervasive Applications (TSP-08)
Pub Type: Conferences


access control, combinatorial testing, modeling, software assurance
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