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Programmable assembly of three-dimensional binary superlattices from multi-flavored DNA- functionalized particles



Evan Pretti, Hasan Zerze, Minseok Song, Yajun Ding, Nathan Mahynski, Harold Hatch, Vincent K. Shen, Jeetain Mittal


Programmable self-assembly of nano- or micron-sized colloidal particles can be achieved by grafting single- stranded DNA sequences onto the surfaces of colloids. However, this assembly is traditionally premised on the pairwise interaction between a single DNA sequence and its complement, and often relies on particle size asymmetry to entropically control the crystalline arrangement of its constituents. Using computational methods, we elucidate purely enthalpic design rules based on tuning interparticle interaction strengths between equally sized particles. In practice, these systems can be experimentally realized by exploiting the recently proposed "multi-flavoring" motif for DNA functionalization. In this scheme, multiple distinct DNA sequences are grafted to the surfaces of colloids in different proportions, which enables the independent tuning of interactions between like and unlike particles in binary systems. By tuning only the interactions between like particles, while keeping the unlike-particle interactions fixed, we demonstrate rational assembly into various morphologies. Additionally, we show how the composition of binary crystals changes as a function of one of the like-pair binding strengths, and how their structures can be tuned by controlling the solution stoichiometry.
Soft Matter


Colloidal self-assembly, DNA, superlattice, programmable matter


Pretti, E. , Zerze, H. , Song, M. , Ding, Y. , Mahynski, N. , Hatch, H. , Shen, V. and Mittal, J. (2018), Programmable assembly of three-dimensional binary superlattices from multi-flavored DNA- functionalized particles, Soft Matter, [online], (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created July 9, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021