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Pressure-Resistant Intermediate Valence in the Kondo Insulator SmB6



Nicholas P. Butch, Johnpierre Paglione, Paul Chow, Yuming Xiao, Chris A. Marianetti, Corwin H. Booth, Jason R. Jeffries


Resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy (RXES) was used to determine the pressure dependence of the f-electron occupancy in the Kondo insulator SmB6. Applied pressure reduces the f-occupancy, but surprisingly, the material maintains a significant divalent character up to a pressure of at least 35 GPa. Thus, the closure of the resistive activation energy gap and onset of magnetic order are not driven by stabilization of an integer valent state. Over the entire pressure range, the material maintains a remarkably stable intermediate valence that can in principle support a nontrivial band structure.
Physical Review Letters


valence, pressure, x-ray emission


Butch, N. , Paglione, J. , Chow, P. , Xiao, Y. , , C. , , C. and , J. (2016), Pressure-Resistant Intermediate Valence in the Kondo Insulator SmB<sub>6</sub>, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created April 15, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017