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Practical Intrinsic-Error Bounds for X-Ray Computed Tomography



R D. Spal


Images produced by x-ray computed tomography contain intrinsic error due to the limited spatial resolution of the technique. Two bounds on the mean intrinsic error over a specified region are determined, given only minimal information about the object, namely its phase composition. One bound is an upper bound applicable to a class of image reconstruction algorithms; the other is a lower bound on worst-case error applicable to any algorithm. A commonly used data collection mode is found to be subject to large intrinsic error, and a much better substitute isidentified.


image artifact, image reconstruction, intrinsic error bound, linear inverse problem, linear program, quantitative image analysis, spatial resolution, x-ray computed tomography


Spal, R. (2017), Practical Intrinsic-Error Bounds for X-Ray Computed Tomography, Science (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017