Poiseuille and Extensional FlowSAS for Developing Structure-Rheology Relationships in Soft Matter Systems

Published: August 08, 2019


Avanish Bharati, Steven D. Hudson, Kathleen M Weigandt


As the rheoscattering community has grown, so have the breadth of experiments both in terms of materials systems, and also in terms of flow types and analysis approaches. In this review, we seek to highlight important recent developments in rheoscattering that go beyond simple shear measurements. In particular this review will focus on Poiseulle flow and extensional flow small angle scattering and results from recent experiments that lead to the development of structure-function relationships in a wide variety of soft materials
Citation: Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science
Volume: 42
Pub Type: Journals


rheology, Poiseuille flow, extensional flow, SANS, SAXS, scattering, rheoSANS
Created August 08, 2019, Updated September 09, 2019