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Physical Models and Dimensional Traceability of WR15 Rectangular Waveguide Standards for Determining Systematic Uncertainties of Calibrated Scattering-Parameters



Jeffrey A. Jargon, Dylan F. Williams, Angela C. Stelson, Christian J. Long, Aaron M. Hagerstrom, Paul D. Hale, John R. Stoup, Eric S. Stanfield, Wei Ren


In this report, we document the models and dimensional traceability of our WR15 rectangular waveguide standards for performing multiline thru-reflect-line calibrations from 50 GHz to 75 GHz using vector network analyzers. We identify the equations used in our models of the transmission-line standards and present a method for determining a waveguide’s metal conductivity using a closed-form solution relating it to the propagation constant. Next, we provide details of the traceable dimensional measurements and associated uncertainties of our WR15 transmission line standards. And finally, we describe how our software, the NIST Microwave Uncertainty Framework, is used to implement physical models of calibration standards and propagate these systematic uncertainties to the calibrated scattering-parameters of a device under test. We include a measurement example for illustrative purposes.
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 2109
Report Number


calibration, dimensional traceability, models, rectangular waveguide, systematic uncertainties, vector network analyzer
Created August 9, 2020, Updated August 30, 2020