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Perpetual emulation threshold of PT-symmetric Hamiltonians



Ian B. Spielman, Clive Emary, Dimitris Trypogeorgos, Ana Vald?s-Curiel


We describe a technique to emulate a two-level PT-symmetric spin Hamiltonian, replete with gain and loss, using only the unitary dynamics of a larger quantum system. This we achieve by embedding the two-level system in question in a subspace of a four-level Hamiltonian. Using an amplitude recycling scheme that couples the levels exterior to the PT-symmetric subspace, we show that it is possible to emulate the desired behaviour of the PT-symmetric Hamiltonian without depleting the exterior, reservoir levels. We are thus able to extend the emulation time indefinitely, despite the non-unitary PT dynamics. We propose a realistic experimental implementation using dynamically decoupled magnetic sublevels of ultracold atoms.
New Journal of Physics


non-Hermetian dynamics, quantum mechanics


Spielman, I. , Emary, C. , Trypogeorgos, D. and Vald?s-Curiel, A. (2018), Perpetual emulation threshold of PT-symmetric Hamiltonians, New Journal of Physics, [online], (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created June 29, 2018, Updated July 2, 2018