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Perfect Quantum State Transfer With Superconducting Phase Qubits



Frederick Strauch, Carl J. Williams


Superconducting quantum circuits, fabricated with multiple layers, are proposed to implement perfect quantum state transfer between nodes of a hypercube network. For tunable devices such as the phase qubit, each node can transmit quantum information to any other node at a constant rate independent of the size of the network and with high parallelism. The physical limits of quantum state transfer in this network are theoretically analyzed, including the effects of disorder, decoherence, and higher-order couplings.
Physical Review Letters


Josephson junction, quantum computing, Qubit, state transfer, superconductivity


Strauch, F. and Williams, C. (2008), Perfect Quantum State Transfer With Superconducting Phase Qubits, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008