A Passive Heterodyne HEB Imager Operating at 850 GHz

Published: May 15, 2008


Eyal Gerecht, Dazhen Gu, Lixing You, Sigfrid Yngvessen


We report the development and characterization of a passive heterodyne hot electron bolometer (HEB) imager operating at 850 GHz. HEB detectors provide unprecedented sensitivity and spectral resolution at terahertz frequencies covering the frequency range of 0.5-5 THz. Terahertz imagers based on HEB technology have sufficient sensitivity to operate in a passive imaging mode, thus eliminating the need for active illumination. We demonstrated a fully automated passive imaging system based on our HEB technology. The front-end heterodyne detector includes a quasi-optically coupled HEB device in close proximity to an MMIC low-noise IF amplifier. We integrated a compact commercial harmonic multiplier LO source to provide the LO biasing for the HEB detector. Our high spectral resolution terahertz imager has a noise equivalent temperature difference (NEδT) value of 0.4 K and a spatial resolution of about 4 millimeters.
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
Volume: Vol.56
Issue: Number 5
Pub Type: Journals

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HEB detectors, heterodyne detection, quasi-optical coupling, terahertz antennas, Terahertz imaging
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