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An Overview of the Product Data Hyperstandard CD-ROM Prototype



Sanford P. Ressler


The paper describes the contents of the Product Data HyperStandard CD-ROM Prototype containing information related to product data standards. HyperStandard is a generic term describing the application of hypertext and multimedia technologies to standards in general. The CD-ROM contains both browsers for perusing the documents, and a number of other items of interest to the product data community. These include: IGES Version 5; the CALS specifications; preliminary STEP drafts, PDES, Inc. technical documents; the NIST PDES Toolkit; plus miscellaneous other pieces of information. (The sources of data for the document browsers on the CD-ROM prototype were the original electronic documents used to print those documents.) All of these data combined should serve as a useful repository of information for the community of technical experts developing product data standards. This variety of information has been assembled to demonstrate that CD-ROM''s are a convenient and cost-effective medium for use by the people involved in product data standardization efforts.
NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 4470
Report Number


CD-ROM Prototype, INC., PDES, product data hyperstandard, STEP
Created January 1, 1990, Updated November 10, 2018