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Optimization of Air-to-Refrigerant Evaporator with Low-GWP Refrigerants



Piotr A. Domanski


An analytical evaluation of the performance of low-GWP refrigerants in a finned-tube evaporator used for residential cooling applications will be presented. The study employed an evolutionary-computation optimization module to examine the effect of a refrigerant circuitry design on performance of twelve alternative refrigerants for R22 and R410A. The study showed that high-pressure fluids benefited most from refrigerant circuitry optimization, with R744 achieving a capacity increase of over 13 %. Among lower-pressure fluids, the capacity of an R717 evaporator increased by over 10 %. The effect of optimized refrigerant circuitries on the system performance was estimated. The results show that zeotropic blends with a large temperature glide are particularly sensitive to the refrigerant circuitry and may suffer significant performance degradation in heat exchangers with improper design.
Conference Dates
June 22-26, 2019
Conference Location
Kansas City, MO
Conference Title
2019 ASHRAE Annual Meeting


air conditioning, evaporator, global warming potential, optimization, refrigerants air conditioning, evaporator, global warming potential, optimization, refrigerants
Created June 23, 2019, Updated September 20, 2019