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Open Speech Analytic Technologies Pilot Evaluation OpenSAT Pilot



Frederick R. Byers, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Seyed Omid Sadjadi, Gregory A. Sanders, Mark A. Przybocki


Open Speech Analytic Technologies Pilot Evaluation (OpenSAT) is a new speech analytic technology evaluation series organized by NIST that will begin with a pilot evaluation in the Spring of 2017. The pilot includes three tasks: Speech Activity Detection (SAD), Key Word Search (KWS), and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and will evaluate these speech analytics technologies across three data domains: i) low-resourced languages, ii) speech from video, and iii) public safety communications. The data selected for the OpenSAT evaluation series will target domains expected to be challenging for the current state of technology to process with high accuracy. The objective of the pilot evaluation is to establish baseline performance levels for existing speech analytics technologies (tasks) when exposed to a variety of challenging data domains.
Multimodal Information Group
Created February 27, 2019, Updated August 21, 2019