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Note on Real Time Parametric Cubic Segment Curve Generation



M Roche, W Li


As coordinate values are determined, we wish to add them to an array and apply an interpolation procedure to the new coordinate values of the array. That is, as the sequence is being increased, it will be interpolated by a cubit fit. We will exhibit two procedures which limit the cubic construction to be one segment behind the last segment of the sequence. This is the input coordinate values are not the end points for the cubic segment being constructed. Another procedure will include this last input coordinate value as end coordinate values for the last cubic segment being generated. The method of parabolic blending for the curve and surface interpolation originally conceived by A. W. Overhauser [1] is applied as well as two procedures employing three points and one vector. As will be seen, these methods lend themselves to real time curve generation.


Roche, M. and Li, W. (1987), Note on Real Time Parametric Cubic Segment Curve Generation, Intelligence, [online], (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created July 30, 1987, Updated October 12, 2021