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A Nonlinear Multivariate Cryptosystem Based on a Random Linear Code



Daniel C. Smith-Tone, Cristina Tone


We introduce a new technique for building multivariate encryption schemes based on random linear codes. The construction is versatile, naturally admitting multiple modifications. Among these modifications is an interesting embedding modifier -- any efficiently invertible multivariate system can be embedded and used as part of the inversion process. In particular, even small scale secure multivariate signature schemes can be embedded producing reasonably efficient encryption schemes. Thus this technique offers a bridge between multivariate signatures, many of which have remained stable and functional for many years, and multivariate encryption, a historically more troubling area.
ePrint Archive


Multivariate Cryptography, encryption, MinRank


Smith-Tone, D. and Tone, C. (2019), A Nonlinear Multivariate Cryptosystem Based on a Random Linear Code, ePrint Archive, [online],, (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created November 23, 2019, Updated August 16, 2020