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Noncontact measurement of charge carrier lifetime and mobility in GaN nanowires



Christopher M. Dodson, Patrick Parkinson, Kristine A. Bertness, Hannah J. Joyce, Laura M. Herz, Norman Sanford, Michael B. Johnston


The first noncontact photoconductivity measurements of gallium nitride nanowires (NWs) are presented, revealing a high crystallographic and optoelectronic quality achieved by use of catalyst-free molecular beam epitaxy. In comparison with bulk material, the NWs exhibit a long conductivity lifetime (>2 ns) and a high mobility (820 plus or minus} 120 cm2/(V s)). This is due to the weak influence of surface traps with respect to other III-V semiconducting NWs and to the favorable crystalline structure of the NWs achieved via strain-relieved growth.
Nano Letters


semiconductor transport properties, gallium nitride, GaN, nanowires, terahertz spectroscopy


Dodson, C. , Parkinson, P. , Bertness, K. , Joyce, H. , Herz, L. , Sanford, N. and Johnston, M. (2012), Noncontact measurement of charge carrier lifetime and mobility in GaN nanowires, Nano Letters, [online],, (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created August 26, 2012, Updated October 12, 2021