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Non-contact Surface Conductance Measurement of Graphene using Resonant Cavity



Jan Obrzut, Oleg A. Kirillov


The measurement of conductance by a resonant cavity involves monitoring the resonant frequency shift and change in the quality factor before and after insertion of the specimen into the cavity. The method is applicable to carbon Vapor deposited (CVD) graphene, graphene from silicon carbide (SiC) process, and graphene from reduced graphene oxide. Example measurements are illustrated for single layer and multi-layer CVD graphene deposited on a fused silica substrate. The resonant cavity method is non-contact, fast and accurate with high sensitivity, and thus well suited for standards, research and development (R&D) and for quality control in the manufacturing of nano-carbon materials.
IEC Technical Committee TC 113


Graphene, Surface conductance, Microwave cavity
Created October 10, 2016, Updated September 14, 2017