No “Contradiction” between SAXS and FRET experiments

Published: August 31, 2018


Alexander V. Grishaev, Robert Best, Alessandro Borgia, Wenwei Zheng, Karin Buholzer, Madeleine Borgia, Hagen Hofmann, Daniel Nettels, Klaus Gast, Benjamin Schuler


The degree of compaction inferred from SAXS experiments by Riback et al. for unfolded proteins in water versus chemical denaturant is highly consistent with the results from FRET experiments. There is thus no “contradiction” between the two methods, nor evidence to support their claim that commonly used FRET fluorophores cause protein compaction.
Citation: Science/AAAS
Pub Type: Journals


SAXS, FRET, IDP, intrinsically disordered proteins, denaturation
Created August 31, 2018, Updated May 01, 2019