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Nitrogen-Activated Bowing of Dilute In yGa1-yAs1- xNx Based on Photoreflectance Studies



M M. Fahmi, A Kahn, J A. Griffin, G L. Harris, Larry Robins, Anthony G. Birdwell, Youn S. Kang, D J. Smith, T Steiner, S N. Mohammad


The dependence of the fundamental band gap and higher-lying critical-point energies of dilute-nitrogen Ga1-yInyAs1-xNx epilayers on nitrogen mole fraction (x), for x less than or equal to} 0.0125, and temperature, from 20 K to 295 K, was investigated by photoreflectance spectroscopy. The band gap, EG, was found to decrease with increasing x in a highly nonlinear manner. The bowing parameter (the second-order parameter b in a quadratic expression for the dependence of EG on x) was found to become less negative with increasing x; the value of b changed from -50 eV, at very low nitrogen fraction, to -20 eV, at x > 0.01. These results strongly suggest that nitrogen-related impurity levels arise within the band gap of dilute-nitrogen Ga1-yInyAs1-xNx alloys.
Journal of Applied Physics
No. 12


critical-point energies, dilute-nitrogen GA(1-y)In(y)As(1-x)N(x), nitrogen-activated bowing, photoreflectance


Fahmi, M. , Kahn, A. , Griffin, J. , Harris, G. , Robins, L. , Birdwell, A. , Kang, Y. , Smith, D. , Steiner, T. and Mohammad, S. (2003), Nitrogen-Activated Bowing of Dilute In <sub>y</sub>Ga<sub>1-y</sub>As<sub>1- x</sub>N<sub>x</sub> Based on Photoreflectance Studies, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created November 30, 2003, Updated October 15, 2021