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A New Approach to Lattice Boltzmann Simulation



Nicos Martys


A new approach to lattice Boltzmann simulation is introduced which avoids the direct numerical determination of the single-particle distribution from the Boltzmann collision operator. Instead, one starts from the Chapman-Enskog expansion of the single-particle velocity distribution function and determines its separate contributions from a well-known hierarchy of approximate solutions to the Boltzmann equation. This new approach leads to greater accuracy and numerical stability and gives a new conceptual point of view to lattice Boltzmann calculations for a large range of applications. A method for including energy conservation for the case of a mean-field representation of long-range molecular interactions, a long outstanding problem in lattice Boltzmann methods, is also described.
Physical Review Letters
No. 8


Boltzmann equation, complex fluids, computational fluid dynamics, lattice Boltzmann, mean-field theory, Navier-Stokes equation


Martys, N. (2001), A New Approach to Lattice Boltzmann Simulation, Physical Review Letters (Accessed February 23, 2024)
Created October 1, 2001, Updated June 2, 2021