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The Need for a Reference Self-Diffusion Mobility Database for the Pure Elements



Carelyn E. Campbell


The increased focus on integrated computational materials engineering (ICME), especially through the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) , has amplified the need to develop CALPHAD-based multicomponent diffusion mobility databases for a variety of applications, ranging from structural Ti and Mg alloys to materials for photovoltaic absorber materials. Essential for the development of both commercial and non-commercial multicomponent diffusion mobility databases (e.g. NIST Ni mobility database[1]) are evaluations of the mobilities in the unary, binary and ternary systems, as initially demonstrated by Andresson and Agren [2]. The growth of published diffusion mobility descriptions and the number of descriptions for self-diffusion of a given pure element has increased signficiantly in the past 5 years. With this increasing publication rate multiple self-diffusion mobilities for the same pure element have been published. For example, currently in the published literature there three published diffusion mobility assessments for the self-diffusion of Al in the fcc phase [3-5] and two for V in the bcc phase [6, 7]. The existence of multiple published self- diffusion assessments for the same element has lead to different binary and ternary assessments choosing different values for the self-diffusion mobility of given pure component. As consequence of this, it becomes difficult to combine various binary and ternary assessments to build a needed multicomponent diffusion mobility databases.
Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion


self-diffusion, reference database, CALPHAD


Campbell, C. (2013), The Need for a Reference Self-Diffusion Mobility Database for the Pure Elements, Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created July 25, 2013, Updated February 2, 2018