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Nd Ordering, Cluster Formation, and the Origin of Negative Magnetization in NdMn0l8Fe0.2O3=δ



D. M. Pajerowski, Jr. C. A. Escanhoela, D. Haskel, Timothy R Prisk, M. D. Frontzek, D. Phelan, Jr. Mihalik, M. Mihalik


The orthorhombic pseudo-perovskite series NdMn1-xFexO3+δ has negative magnetization, i.e. magnetization directed opposite to an applied field under certain conditions, for x = 0.3 and x=0.25. We have investigated the microscopic origin of this phenomenon for X = 0.2 by using a comprehensive array of elastic and inelastic scattering techniques including neutron backscattering, x-ray magnetic circular dichroism at the Mn K and Nd L6d2 edges, neutron powder diffraction, and powder inelastic neutron scattering. We find that Nd3+ ions possess zero field ordered moments of 1.6 υ^dΒ per ion at 1.5 K oriented parallel to the Mn moments. Based upon the neutron diffraction, there is a freezing of magnetic clusters before the long range order sets in. The Nd crystal field levels shift with temperature due to a molecular field that is 1.1 meV at 1.5 K. These findings help to explain the previously observed negative magnetization in this material as due to a magnetic domain effect.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Pajerowski, D. , Escanhoela, J. , Haskel, D. , Prisk, T. , Frontzek, M. , Phelan, D. , Mihalik, J. and Mihalik, M. (2020), Nd Ordering, Cluster Formation, and the Origin of Negative Magnetization in NdMn<sub>0l8</sub>Fe<sub>0.2</sub>O<sub>3=&#948;</sub>, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, [online], (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created February 29, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021