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Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge: Enrollment Set Size Variability



Gregory P. Fiumara, Kenneth Ko, Elham Tabassi, Patricia A. Flanagan, John D. Grantham, Karen Marshall, Matthew Schwarz, Bryan Woodgate


In September 2017, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity held a fingerprint data collection as part of the Nail to Nail Fingerprint Challenge. Thousands of latent fingerprint images collected at the Challenge were searched against rolled-equivalent fingerprints with an automated friction ridge identification system. These searches yielded poor results. It was hypothesized that the size of the enrollment set might be to blame for the weak performance. This supplemental report varied the size of the enrollment set to test the hypothesis.
NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 8257
Report Number


acquisition, biometrics, capture devices, data, fingerprints, latent, prototypes, rolled, sensors
Created June 24, 2019, Updated September 13, 2019