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Multisine Excitation for ACPR Measurements



Catherine A. Remley


We use a simlator to compare ACPR measurements of a nonlinear device excited with various multisine signals to ACPR measurements of the same device excited with a QPSK-modulated pseudorandom digital signal. We examine four common types of multisine excitation, each with identical numbers of tones, tone-spacings, and nominal power levels, but with different magnitude and phase relationships between tones. We show that use of some common multisines may result in significant overestimation of the actual ACPR from the digitally modulated device.
Conference Dates
June 8-13, 2003
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA
Conference Title
2003 IEEE International Microwave Symposium


adjacent channel power ratio, digital modualtion, Multisine signals, peak-to-average power ratio, QPSK modulation, Schroeder phase.
Created June 17, 2003, Updated January 27, 2020