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Multimodality of Structural, Electrical, and Gravimetric Responses of Intercalated MXenes to Water



Eric S. Muckley, Michael Naguib, Hsiu-Wen Wang, Lukas Vlcek, Naresh C. Osti, Robert L. Sacci, Xiahan Sang, Raymond R. Unocic, Yu Xie, Madhu Sudan Tyagi, Eugene Mamontov, Katharine L. Page, Paul R. C. Kent, Jagjit Nanda, Ilia N. Ivanov


Understanding of structural, electrical and gravimetric peculiarities of water vapor interaction with ion-intercalated MXenes used to design of a multimodal humidity sensor. Neutron scattering coupled to molecular dynamics and ab initio calculations showed that a small amount of hydration results in a significant increase in the spacing between MXene layers in the presence of K and Mg intercalants between the layers. Films of K and Mg-intercalated MXenes exhibited relative humidity detection thresholds of 0.8% (RH) and showed monotonic RH response in the 0-85% RH range. We found that MXene gravimetric response to water is 10 times faster than their electrical response, suggesting that H2O-induced swelling/contraction of channels between MXene sheets results in trapping of H2O molecules that act as charge-depleting dopants. The results demonstrate the first use of MXenes as humidity sensors and infer potential impact of water on structural and electrical performance of MXene-based devices.
ACS Nano


neutron scattering, electrical, intercalation, water, dynamics


Muckley, E. , Naguib, M. , Wang, H. , Vlcek, L. , Osti, N. , Sacci, R. , Sang, X. , Unocic, R. , Xie, Y. , Tyagi, M. , Mamontov, E. , Page, K. , Kent, P. , Nanda, J. and Ivanov, I. (2017), Multimodality of Structural, Electrical, and Gravimetric Responses of Intercalated MXenes to Water, ACS Nano, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created November 27, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021