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Multi-Fingered Robotic Grasping: A Primer



Stefano Carpin, Shuo Liu, Joseph Falco, Karl Van Wyk


Grasping and manipulation has generated significant interest in the robotics community, and robotic grasping emerged as an autonomous area of research since the development of the first robotic hands. Notwithstanding, robotic grasping continues to be one of the most challenging areas in robotics. This primer focuses on multi-fingered hands and methods and algorithms that can be applied in the real world, as opposed to abstract formulations that are difficult to use in practical application. The topic is presented with an emphasis on metrics and test methods for benchmarking performance.
Cornell University Library


Robotic Grasping, Manipulation, Performance Measures


Carpin, S. , Liu, S. , Falco, J. and Van Wyk, K. (2016), Multi-Fingered Robotic Grasping: A Primer, Cornell University Library, [online],, (Accessed December 7, 2023)
Created July 21, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021