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Multi-Detector Hydrodynamic Chromatography of Colloids: Following in Hamish Small's Footsteps



Andre Striegel


Hamish Small, scientist extraordinaire, is best known as the inventor of both ion chromatography and hydrodynamic chromatography (HDC). The latter has experienced a renaissance during the last decade- plus, thanks principally to its coupling to a multiplicity of physicochemical detection methods and to the structural and compositional information this provides. Detection methods such as light scattering (both multi-angle static and dynamic), viscometry, and refractometry can combine to yield insight into macromolecular or colloidal size, structure, shape, and molar mass, all as a function of one another and continuously across a sample's chromatogram. It was the author's great fortune to have gotten to know Hamish during the last decade of his life, before his passing in 2019. Here, a brief personal recollection is followed by an introduction to HDC and its application, in quadruple- detector packed-column mode, to the analysis of a commercial colloidal silica with an elongated shape.


Hydrodynamic chromatography, colloids, Hamish Small, multiple detection, structure property relations


Striegel, A. (2021), Multi-Detector Hydrodynamic Chromatography of Colloids: Following in Hamish Small's Footsteps, Heliyon, [online],, (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created April 27, 2021, Updated February 23, 2022