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More than Moore or More Moore: a SWOT analysis



Herbert S. Bennett, G. D. Hutcheson


Over the last decade, the world of semiconductors has broadened its horizon from More Moore and beyond conventional scaling to More than Moore. Some first hypothesized the end of Moore’s law and the beginning of a new era. They saw it as an OR gate while others saw it as a NOR gate. Since then it has been an AND gate as Moore’s law has continued to move down its persistent scaling path. Even if it fades, i.e. the end of More Moore, both technologies will flourish. The reason is that More than Moore is complementary to traditional semiconductor technology. More than Moore is a functional diversification incorporating functionalities that are more than digital and analog signals and architectures used in conventional semiconductors. More than Moore product definitions include MEMS, which integrate microelectronics with micromechanical structures that are scaled versions of larger mechanical structures via semiconductor processing techniques, as well as 3D packaging, LEDs, and Photovoltaic cells depending on the source. In the future there are NEMS, or Nano-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems. In all cases the use of manufacturing methods and metrology evolved from semiconductors. Metrology is critical to all these technologies, because to make something, you must be able to measure it, and to do that you must be able to see it. This paper examines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) for both classical semiconductor markets and the subset of emergent technologies that includes 3D packaging, LEDs, photovoltaic cells, and MEMS/NEMS. It delves into how these technologies are evolving and the economic impact of this evolution.
AIP Conference Proceedings


semiconductors, Moore’s law, More than Moore, More Moore, SWOT analysis, scaling trends, MEMS, NEMS, 3D packaging, bioelectronics, emergent technologies, measurements, standards


Bennett, H. and Hutcheson, G. (2011), More than Moore or More Moore: a SWOT analysis, AIP Conference Proceedings, [online], (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created December 28, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017