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Modifying interface cure properties of hierarchical CNT composites.



Ajay Krishnamurthy, Qi An, Aaron M. Forster


Hierarchical carbon nanotube (CNT) grafted fiber-reinforced polymer composites (FRP) display multifunctional capabilities such as enhanced mechanical and electrical properties that enable their use in structural applications. These properties are achieved by incorporating large mass fractions (> 1 %) of CNTs at the fiber-polymer interface using techniques such as electrophoretic deposition (EPD). The interconnected CNT networks improve the load transfer between the fiber and the polymer surfaces, while the tube-tube contacts provide pathways for electron transport. Prior to deposition, the CNT surfaces are modified using an amine functionality, which upon protonation introduces a net-positive charge that drives their deposition onto fiber surfaces under the influence of an electric field. The amine functionality also allows covalent bonding between the CNTs and the polymer (epoxy) that is crucial to achieving the necessary structural enhancements. However, the presence of excessive amine groups can affect the cure properties at the interface. The current study aims to track the role of interface cure behavior and its subsequent effect on mechanical and viscoelastic properties of these composites. The cure process is studied using differential scanning calorimetry, the viscoelastic properties using dynamic mechanical-thermal analysis and the mechanical properties using tensile and shear measurements.
Proceedings Title
2019 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental & Applied Mechanics
Conference Dates
June 3-6, 2019
Conference Location
Reno, NV, US
Conference Title
Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics


carbon nanotubes, cure, nanocomposites


Krishnamurthy, A. , An, Q. and Forster, A. (2019), Modifying interface cure properties of hierarchical CNT composites., 2019 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental & Applied Mechanics, Reno, NV, US (Accessed March 3, 2024)
Created June 3, 2019, Updated March 6, 2023