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Measuring kinetic rate constants of multiple-component reactions with optical biosensors



Ryan M. Evans, David A. Edwards, Wenbin Li


One may measure the kinetic rate constants associated with biochemical reactions using an optical biosensor: an instrument in which ligand molecules are convected through a flow cell over a surface to which receptors are immobilized. If there are multiple reactants, one is faced with the problem of fitting multiple kinetic rate constants to one signal, since data from all of the reacting species is lumped together. We show that even in the presence of ambiguous data, we may use a series of experiments to accurately determine the rate constants. Moreover, we show that we may also identify the true set of rate constants by either postprocessing the signals or adjusting the ligand inflow concentrations.
Analytical Biochemistry


Optical biosenors, Kinetic rate constants


Evans, R. , Edwards, D. and Li, W. (2017), Measuring kinetic rate constants of multiple-component reactions with optical biosensors, Analytical Biochemistry, [online], (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created September 14, 2017, Updated September 27, 2020