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Mass Spectral Library Methods for Analysis of Site-Specific N-Glycosylation: Application to Human Milk Proteins



Concepcion Remoroza, Meghan Burke Harris, Xiaoyu (Sara) Yang, Sergey Sheetlin, Yuri Mirokhin, Sanford Markey, Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi, Stephen E. Stein


We present a mass-spectral library-based method for analyzing site-specific N-linked protein glycosylation. Its operation and utility are illustrated by applying it to both newly measured and available proteomics data of human milk glycoproteins. It generates two varieties of mass spectral libraries. One contains Glycopeptide Abundance Distribution Spectra (GADS). The other contains tandem mass spectra of the underlying glycopeptides. Both originate from identified glycopeptides in proteolytic digests of human milk and purified glycoproteins, which include tenascin, lactoferrin, and several antibodies. Analysis was also applied to digests of a NIST human milk Standard Reference Material (SRM), leading to a GADS library of N-glycopeptides, enabling the direct comparison of glycopeptide distributions for individual proteins. Tandem spectra underlying each glycopeptide GADS peak are combined to create a second type of library that contains spectra of the underlying glycopeptide spectra. These were acquired by higher-energy (stepped) collision dissociation fragmentation followed by ion-trap fragmentation. Spectra are annotated using MS_Piano, a recently reported annotation software. This data, with extensions of a widely used spectral library search and display software, provides accessible mass spectral libraries.
ACS Journal of Proteome Research


Human milk, Glycan distribution, Glycopeptides, Mass spectrometry, Site-specific glycosylation


Remoroza, C. , Burke Harris, M. , Yang, X. , Sheetlin, S. , Mirokhin, Y. , Markey, S. , Tchekhovskoi, D. and Stein, S. (2022), Mass Spectral Library Methods for Analysis of Site-Specific N-Glycosylation: Application to Human Milk Proteins, ACS Journal of Proteome Research, [online],, (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created September 16, 2022, Updated November 29, 2022