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Magnetorestistance and electrical transport properties of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 (LCMO): xSiCN composites



D. Das, Atanu Saha, Stephen E. Russek, Rishi Raj, D. Bahadur


The magnetic and electrical transport properties of La0.67Cad0.33^MnO3(LCMO): xSiCN (x=0-40 vol%) composites, synthesized by mechanical mixing of citrate gel derived LCMO and polymer derived ceramics SiCN, have been investigated as a function of composition. The ability of SiCN to behave as a sintering additive leads to interesting magnetic and electrical properties. Si+4, being strongly favored for tetrahedral coordination, cannot enter the perovskite lattice. Saturation moment, Ms of 68 emu/gm at 5 K and at 5 kOe field of pure LCMO shifts to 79 emu/gm in the sample with x=0.05 and then decreases monotonically as x increases further. The lower Ms, Tc(/I} and high electrical resistivity of the sample with x=0, compared to those which have been reported in the literature, is due to small particle size in nm range. SiCN as a sintering aid increases the particle size of LCMO to 1-2 υm for x=0.10. Three orders of magnitude change in electrical resistivity (204 {Ω} cm for x=0;0.5 {Ω} cm for x=0.5) is explained on the basis of the difference in the mobility of the charge carriers, by fitting the experimental transport data with a correlated polaron hopping model.
Journal of Applied Physics
Created June 1, 2004, Updated February 19, 2017