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Large-Signal Behavioral Model of a Packaged RF Amplifier Based on QPSK-Like Multisine Measurements



Maciej Myslinski, Dominique Schreurs, Catherine A. Remley, Michael McKinley, Bart Nauwelaers


This work presents a large-signal time-domain behavioral model of an off-the-shelf RF amplifier based on QPSK-like multisine measurements. The multisine has been designed using an automated procedure. As a result, the excitation's Probabiity Density Function (PDF) approximates that of a realistic QPSK-modulated digital signal. The model accurately predicts both amplitude and phase of the complex envelope around the carrier as well as higher harmonics.
Proceedings Title
European Microwave Conference
Conference Dates
October 3-7, 2005
Conference Location
Paris, -1
Conference Title
GaAs 05


Multisine, digital modulation, nonlinear vector network analyzer, large-signal vector measurements, nonlinear microwave circuits, time-domain behavioral modeling, wireless communication systems
Created October 3, 2005, Updated January 27, 2020