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Ion Energy Distribution and Optical Measurements in High-Density, Inductively Coupled C4F6 Discharges



Eric C. Benck, A N. Goyette, Yicheng Wang


Hexafluoro-1,3 butadiene (C,F,) is a potential new etching gas for the manufacturing ol semiconductors which has a very low global warming potential, unlike commonly used fluorocarbon gases such as CF4 and c-C4F8. We report ion energy distributions, relative ion intensities and absolute total ion current densities measured at the edge of an inductively coupled Gaseous Electronics Conference radio-frequency reference cell for discharges Generated in pure C4F6 and C4F6:.Ar mixtures. In addition. the ratio of radical densities measured using submillimetter absorption spectroscopy and optical emission spectroscopy measurements are presented. These measurements of the C4F6 plasmas were made for several different gas pressures and gas mixture ratios.
Journal of Applied Physics
No. 3


C<sub>4</sub>F<sub>6</sub> fluorocarbon, GEC Reference Cell, inductively coupled plasma, mass-resolved ion energy distributions, optical emission spectroscopy, sub-millimeter absorption spectroscopy


Benck, E. , Goyette, A. and Wang, Y. (2003), Ion Energy Distribution and Optical Measurements in High-Density, Inductively Coupled C<sub>4</sub>F<sub>6</sub> Discharges, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed February 24, 2024)
Created August 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017