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An Investigation of the Accuracy of Diffraction Stress Evaluation of Textured Materials



Thomas H. Gnaupel-Herold, Adam A. Creuziger, Mark A. Iadicola


The determination of residual or applied stress through X-ray or neutron diffraction is generally regarded as a mature method. Most x-ray diffractometers can be used to perform a measurement of lattice strain vs. tilt angle, which is then converted into stress. The apparent simplicity of the conversion (the sin2ψ law comes to mind) betrays the fact that elastic and plastic anisotropy often cause aberrations of varying magnitude. This investigation focuses on the role of the diffraction elastic constants, the methods of their calculation in the presence of preferred orientation, and the accuracy at which stresses can be determined in the presence of preferred orientation.
Proceedings Title
Advances in X-ray Analysis
Conference Dates
August 1-5, 2011
Conference Location
Colorado Springs
Conference Title
60th Denver X-ray Conference


Accuracy, Stress Measurement, Diffraction, Preferred Orientation


Gnaupel-Herold, T. , Creuziger, A. and Iadicola, M. (2012), An Investigation of the Accuracy of Diffraction Stress Evaluation of Textured Materials, Advances in X-ray Analysis, Colorado Springs, -1 (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created August 4, 2012, Updated April 20, 2020