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Inverted spectra of single-wall carbon nanotube films



John H. Lehman, Katie Hurst, Lara Roberson, K. Nield, J. D. Hamlin


We present absolute measurements of reflectance and absorbance for a purified single wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) film. The absorbance spectrum of a SWCNT-laminated pyroelectric detector for wavelengths 0.6 - 2 υm is inverted when compared to absorbance data in the literature, which is typically inferred by reciprocity from transmissivity measured by a spectrophotometer. This surprising behavior has been corroborated by diffuse reflectance measurements and suggests that reflectance dominates absorption for wavelengths near excitonic transitions.
Journal of the American Chemical Society


Lehman, J. , Hurst, K. , Roberson, L. , Nield, K. and Hamlin, J. (2008), Inverted spectra of single-wall carbon nanotube films, Journal of the American Chemical Society, [online], (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created July 10, 2008, Updated January 27, 2020