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Interpenetrating polyaniline-gold electrodes for SERS and electrochemical measurements



Ryan West, Stephen Semancik


Facile fabrication of nanostructured electrode arrays is critical for development of bimodal SERS and electrochemical biosensors. In this paper, the variation of applied potential at a polyaniline- coated Pt electrode is used to selectivity deposit Au on the polyaniline amine sites or on the underlying Pt electrode. By alternating the applied potential, the Au is grown simultaneously from the top and the bottom of the polyaniline film, leading to an interpenetrated, nanostructured polymer-metal composite extending from the Pt electrode to the electrolyte solution. The resulting films have unique pH- dependent electrochemical properties, e.g. they retain electrochemical activity in both acidic and neutral solutions, and they also include SERS-active nanostructures. By varying the concentration of chloroaurate used during deposition, Au nanoparticles, nanodendrites, or nanosheets can be selectively grown. For the films deposited under optimal conditions, using 5 mmol/L chloroaurate, the SERS enhancement factor for Rhodamine 6G was found to be as high as 1.1 × 106 with spot-to-spot and electrode-to-electrode relative standard deviations as low as 8% and 12%, respectively. The advantages of the reported PANI-Au composite electrodes lie in their facile fabrication, enabling the targeted deposition of tunable nanostructures on sensing arrays, and their ability to produce orthogonal optical and electrochemical analytical results.
Applied Surface Science


biosensing, conducting polymer, electrochemistry, gold, nanoscience, polyaniline, SERS, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy


West, R. and Semancik, S. (2016), Interpenetrating polyaniline-gold electrodes for SERS and electrochemical measurements, Applied Surface Science, [online], (Accessed June 16, 2024)


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Created November 29, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021