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Intensity Dynamics in a Waveguide Array Laser



Kevin L. Silverman, Mingming M. Feng, Richard P. Mirin, Steven T. Cundiff, Matt Williams, J. Nathan N. Kutz


We consider experimentally and theoretically the optical field dynamics of a five emitter laser array subject to a linearly decreasing injection current. We have achieved experimentally an array that produces a robust oscillatory power output with a nearly constant pi phase shift between the power in each waveguide and that linearly decreases in power as a function of waveguide number. This behavior persisted for pump currents varying between 380 and 500 mA with only a slight change in phase. Of note is the fact that the fundamental frequency of oscillation increases with injection current and higher harmonics are produced above a threshold current of approximately 380 mA. Experimental observations and theoretical predictions are in agreement.
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics


waveguide array, diode laser, intensity dynamics, Quantum dots


Silverman, K. , Feng, M. , Mirin, R. , Cundiff, S. , Williams, M. and N., J. (2011), Intensity Dynamics in a Waveguide Array Laser, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created February 15, 2011, Updated November 10, 2018