Integrated Optical Waveguides for in situ Microflow Measurements

Published: October 16, 2017


James R. Hands, Gregory A. Cooksey


The need for quantitative microscale chemical and biological experiments has resulted in the increasing utilization of microfluidics with integrated sensors, allowing such architectures to synergistically enhance function and performance [1]. This work focuses on the design and characterization of optofluidic devices that easily integrate optical fibers into microfluidic waveguides. We demonstrate optical components that transmit and collect light from substances in microflows, such as fluorescent liquids. Optimization of the components for splitting light into multiple paths, focusing light into the microchannel, and collecting fluorescence emission while excluding excitation light are described. An integrated system is demonstrated for real- time and continuous flow-monitoring using caged fluorophores. These tools provide new methods to probe dynamic fluid properties and to measure samples using microfluidic cytometry.
Proceedings Title: The Proceedings of the MicroTas 2017 Conference
Conference Dates: October 22-26, 2017
Conference Location: Savannah, GA
Conference Title: microTAS
Pub Type: Conferences


optofluidics, microfluidics, fluorescence, flow meter
Created October 16, 2017, Updated September 01, 2017