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Influence of Dimensionality on the Charge Density Wave Phase of 2H-TaSe2



Sugata Chowdhury, Albert Rigosi, Heather Hill, David B. Newell, Angela R. Hight Walker, Francesca Tavazza, Andrew Briggs


Metallic transition metal dichalcogenides like tantalum diselenide (TaSe2) exhibit exciting behaviors at low temperatures including the emergence of charge density wave (CDW) states. In this work, density functional theory (DFT) is used to classify the effects and influences of van der Waals interactions, most strongly present between the layers of bulk TaSe2 and reduced in monolayer TaSe2, on the CDW atomic structures and resulting phonon properties of those structures. Additional support is provided by experimental phonons seen in Raman spectra as a function of temperature and layer number. A variety of modes are described across several spectral regions and matched to corresponding predicted vibrations, including an experimentally observed forbidden mode. These results highlight the importance of understanding interlayer interactions, which are pervasive in many quantum phenomena involving two-dimensional confinement.
Advanced Theory and Simulations


charge density waves, density functional theory, transition metal dichalcogenides, Raman spectroscopy, van der Waals interactions


Chowdhury, S. , Rigosi, A. , Hill, H. , Newell, D. , Hight Walker, A. , Tavazza, F. and Briggs, A. (2022), Influence of Dimensionality on the Charge Density Wave Phase of 2H-TaSe2, Advanced Theory and Simulations (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created March 23, 2022