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The impact of internal sampling circuitry on the phase error of the nose-to-nose oscilloscope calibration



Catherine A. Remley


We study the dependence of the phase error in the nose-to-nose oscilloscope calibration on the oscilloscope's internal sampling circuitry. We first develop a robust sampling-circuit model for use in numerical simulations of the nose-to-nose derived estimate of the sampler's impulse response with the true impulse response of the sampler. Through parametric study, we ascertain which components of the internal sampling circuitry contribute mose significantly to the phase error in the noise-to-nose-derived impulse response estimate. We use the results of our parametric studies to predict an expected range of phase errors from a range of realistic component values.
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 1528
Report Number


calibration, nonlinear vector network analyzer, nose-to-nose calibration, oscilloscope calibration, phase calibration, sampling circuit, SPICE simulations
Created August 1, 2003, Updated January 27, 2020