How to Avoid Learning Expect -- or -- Automating Automating Interactive Programs

Published: September 01, 1996


Don E. Libes


Expect is a tool for automating interactive programs. Expect is controlled by writing Tcl scripts, traditionally a manual process. This paper describes Autoexpect -- a tool that generates Expect scripts automatically by watching actual interactions and then writing the appropriate script. Using Autoexpect, it is possible to create Expect scripts without writing any actual Expect statements and without any knowledge of Expect.
Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the Tenth USENIX System Administration Conference (LISA X)
Conference Dates: September 30-October 4, 1996
Conference Location: Chicago, IL
Pub Type: Conferences

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Expect, interaction automation, Tcl
Created September 01, 1996, Updated February 17, 2017