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High-Throughput Exploration of Lithium-Alloy Protection Layers for High-Performance Lithium-Metal Batteries



Jamie L. Weaver, Kedar Manandhar, Yaoyu Ren, Drew Stasak, Huilong Hou, Dylan Kirsch, Suchismita Sarker, Apurva Mehta, Saydul Sardar, Muye Xiao, Carlos Le?n, Gus Hart, Takeshi Sunaoshi, John Lemmon, Ichiro Takeuchi


To realize high specific capacity Li-metal batteries, a protection layer for the Li-metal anode is needed. We are carrying out combinatorial screening of Li-alloy thin films as the protection layer which can undergo significant lithiation with minimum change in volume and crystal structure. Here, we have fabricated lithium-free binary alloy thin film composition spreads of Co1–xSnx on Cu layers on Si substrates. The crystallinity of the thin films was tuned by varying the deposition temperature followed by electrochemical lithiation to form Li-alloy ternary thin films. Synchrotron diffraction is used as the main tool to investigate the crystallinity of the films before and after lithiation. Co3Sn2 alloy thin films are found to exhibit significant lithium uptake capacity while maintaining its structural integrity, and are thus a good candidate of the Li-metal protection layer.
Nature Materials


battery materials, neutron depth profiling, xps, thin-films


Weaver, J. , Manandhar, K. , Ren, Y. , Stasak, D. , Hou, H. , Kirsch, D. , Sarker, S. , Mehta, A. , Sardar, S. , Xiao, M. , Le?n, C. , Hart, G. , Sunaoshi, T. , Lemmon, J. and Takeuchi, I. (2020), High-Throughput Exploration of Lithium-Alloy Protection Layers for High-Performance Lithium-Metal Batteries, Nature Materials (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created February 12, 2020, Updated October 17, 2020