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Harnessing Wrinkle Delamination Mechanics to Measure and Pattern Polymer Coatings



Adam J. Nolte, Jun Y. Chung, Christopher Stafford


Compressive stresses in stiff polymer coatings can give rise to surface instabilities in which the coating adopts a sinusoidally wrinkled morphology with a dominant wavelength, d, as displayed in Figure 1a. Such instabilities are generally observed for polymer coatings that are well-adhered to compliant substrates. Compressively stressed coatings may also simply delaminate over a localized area these features, commonly called blisters, are formed in systems where the compliance of the substrate is high and/or coating-substrate adhesion is poor. Between these two extremes of behavior, one can observe wrinkling delamination , where a coating initially wrinkles but then forms blisters of width L that relax the wrinkling stability within an approximate width R. While both wrinkling instabilities and buckle delamination have been well-studied in the literature, wrinkling delamination has received very little attention. This talk will lay a theoretical foundation for wrinkling delamination and demonstrate how studying this phenomenon can lead to new approaches for measuring the adhesion strength of polymer coatings and patterning microscale features.
Conference Dates
March 21-25, 2010
Conference Location
San Francisco, CA, US
Conference Title
American Chemical Society, Spring 2010 National Meeting & Exposition


adhesion, polymer, coatings, wrinkling, delamination, mechanics, patterning


Nolte, A. , Chung, J. and Stafford, C. (2010), Harnessing Wrinkle Delamination Mechanics to Measure and Pattern Polymer Coatings, American Chemical Society, Spring 2010 National Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco, CA, US, [online], (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created March 20, 2010, Updated October 12, 2021