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Growth of Planar Arrays of One-dimensional p-n Heterojunctions



Babak Nikoobakht, Andrew A. Herzing


We report a general method for /in-situ/ formation and hierarchical assembly of nanowire-based semiconductor heterojunctions that are electrically addressable. Heterojunctions are formed by lateral epitaxial growth of nanowires/nanowalls on a semiconductor substrate. Their growth directions are engineered on demand owing to similarities in their lattice parameters and crystal symmetries. We demonstrate an electrical injection scheme that is simple and, more importantly, scalable to literally any platform size. As an example, heterojunction arrays of zinc oxide nanowires/nanowalls on gallium nitride with nearly defect-free interfaces are grown and their light emission is illustrated. The characteristics of this strategy pave the way for the development of architectures useful in next-generation optoelectronic devices.
ACS Nano


"Nanotechnology", "electrically-driven nanowire emission"


Nikoobakht, B. and Herzing, A. (2010), Growth of Planar Arrays of One-dimensional p-n Heterojunctions, ACS Nano (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created September 15, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017