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The Growth Kinetics of Nanocrystalline ZnO Colloidal Solutions



E M. Wong, John E. Bonevich, P C. Searson


Colloidal chemistry techniques were used to synthesize ZnO particles in the nanometer size regime. Although the synthesis and unique properties of these materials are well known, the kinetics of the growth process are not well understood. The particle aging kinetics were determined by monitoring the band edge absorption and using the effective mass model to approximate the particle size as a function of time. We show that the growth kinetics of the ZnO particles follow the Ostwald ripening mechanism.
Journal of the American Chemical Society


colloid, effective mass model, electron microscopy, Ostwald ripening, phosphor, quantum particles, semi conductor


Wong, E. , Bonevich, J. and Searson, P. (1998), The Growth Kinetics of Nanocrystalline ZnO Colloidal Solutions, Journal of the American Chemical Society (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created September 10, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021