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A Fluorinated Metal-Organic Framework for High Methane Storage at Room Temperature



Ganggang Chang, Huimin Wen, Bin Li, Wei Zhou, Hailong Wang, Khalid Alfooty, Zongbi Bao, Banglin Chen


A fluorinated metal-organic framework NOTT-108 with single pure-phase has been synthesized for the first time, which has enabled us to examine the effect of the substituted fluorine atoms on the methane storage. The activated NOTT-108a shows a permanent porosity comparable to its iso-reticular NOTT-101a: but exhibits a higher volumetric methane storage capacity of 247 Cm3 (STP) cm-3 and a working capacity of 186 cm3 (STP) cm-3 (at 298 K and 65 bar) than 237 cm3 (STP) cm-3 and 181 cmu3^ (STP) cm-3 of NOTT-101a, attributed to the higher polarity/dipole moment of C-F bonds compared to that of C-H bonds for enhanced electrostatic interaction with methane molecules.
Crystal Growth & Design


porous materials, methane storage


Chang, G. , Wen, H. , Li, B. , Zhou, W. , Wang, H. , Alfooty, K. , Bao, Z. and Chen, B. (2016), A Fluorinated Metal-Organic Framework for High Methane Storage at Room Temperature, Crystal Growth & Design, [online], (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created April 13, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021