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Final Report for CCQM-K11.2 Determination of Glucose in Human Serum and CCQM-K12.2 Determination of Creatinine in Human Serum



Stephen Wise, Karen W. Phinney, David L. Duewer


Glucose and Creatinine are frequently measured substances in human blood/serum to assist in assessing the health status of individuals. Because of their clinical significance, CCQM-K11 Determination of Glucose in Serum and CCQM-K12 Determination of Creatinine in Serum, both completed in 2000, were among the first Key Comparison studies performed within the Organic Analysis Working Group (OAWG). The first Subsequent Key Comparisons for both measurands, CCQM-K11.1 and CCQM-K12.1, were completed in 2005. CCQM-K11.2 and CCQM-K12.2 were designed as Subsequent studies to enable CCQM members that had not participated in earlier studies to demonstrate their capabilities to measure nonpolar (pKow < -2), low molecular mass (100 g/mol to 500 g/mol) metabolites in human serum at relatively high concentrations (1 mg/g to 3 mg/g) found in normal populations. Measurements for these comparisons were completed in 2012. Successful participation in CCQM-K11.2 and/or CCQM-K12.2 demonstrated capabilities in analysis of complex biological matrices including sample preparation (extraction, derivatization), LC or GC separation, and quantification using an isotope dilution mass spectrometry approach. Due to greater than expected differences between the participants' the consensus result and the anchor laboratory's assigned values (2.5% and 3.0%, respectively), two institutions that had successfully participated in the original CCQM-K11 and -K12 but had not previously analyzed the study materials provided additional anchor results. Based upon the continuing unexplained greater than expected variability, the studies were characterized as "Track C" comparisons and the Key Comparison Reference Values were assigned as consensus values using all of the available results.


CCQM-K11.2, CCQM-K12.2, Key Comparison, Glucose, Creatinine


Wise, S. , Phinney, K. and Duewer, D. (2018), Final Report for CCQM-K11.2 Determination of Glucose in Human Serum and CCQM-K12.2 Determination of Creatinine in Human Serum, TBD, [online],, TBD (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created June 14, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021