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Femtosecond timekeeping: slip-free optical clockwork for optical timescales



Daniel I. Herman, Stefan Droste, Esther Baumann, Jonathan Roslund, Dmitriy Churin, Arman Cingoz, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Isaac H. Khader, William C. Swann, Craig W. Nelson, Nathan R. Newbury, Ian R. Coddington


The generation of true optical time standards will require the conversion of the highly stable optical frequency output of an optical atomic clock to a high-fidelity time output. We demonstrate comb-based clockwork that phase-coherently integrates ~7x10e20 optical cycles of an input optical frequency to create a coherent time output. We verify the underlying stability of the optical timing system by comparing two comb-based clockworks with a common input optical frequency and show
Physical Review Applied


(140.3510) Lasers, fiber, (140.3425) Laser stabilization, (120.5050) Phase measurement
Created April 3, 2018, Updated October 3, 2019