Exploratory Lens Model of Decision-Making in a Potential Phishing Attack Scenario

Published: October 10, 2017


Franklin Tamborello, Kristen Greene


Phishing, the transmission of a message spoofing a legitimate sender about a legitimate subject with intent to perform malicious activity, causes a tremendous and rapidly-increasing amount of damage to American information systems and users annually. This project implements an exploratory computational model of user decision making in a potential phishing attack scenario. The model demonstrates how contextual factors, such as message subject matter match to current work concerns, and personality factors, such as conscientiousness, contribute to users’ decisions to comply with or ignore message requests.
Citation: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) - 8194
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Pub Type: NIST Pubs

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cybersecurity, lens model, usable security
Created October 10, 2017, Updated October 10, 2017