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Evaluation of Low-Ohmic Resistance Measurement Capabilities Between VSL and NIST



Marlin E. Kraft, Jan van der Beek, Gert Rietveld


The low-ohmic resistance measurement capa¬bilities of VSL and NIST were compared using a set of resistors with values 100 mOhm, 10 mOhm, 1 mOhm, and 100 mOhm respectively. The measurement data of both laboratories generally agree well within the combined measurement uncertainties, ranging from 0.54 uOhm/Ohm at 100 mOhm to 4.3 uOhm/Ohm at 100 uOhm (k = 2). Careful transport of the resistors was crucial for achieving this result.
Proceedings Title
CPEM 2012 Conference Digest
Conference Dates
July 1-6, 2012
Conference Location
National Harbor, MD
Conference Title
CPEM 2012


resistance measurements, resistors, shunts, low-ohmic measurements, precision measurements, comparison.


Kraft, M. , van, J. and Rietveld, G. (2012), Evaluation of Low-Ohmic Resistance Measurement Capabilities Between VSL and NIST, CPEM 2012 Conference Digest , National Harbor, MD (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017